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Pressure/Level LP Gas Gauge

lpg gauges-1Take the guessing out of LPG level of your cylinder!

How many times have you changed the gas cylinders out of fear that you might run out of LPG at a very inconvenient time? You then replace a cylinder that is not completely empty only because you do not know how much gas is left in the cylinder. You return a cylinder to the LPG supplier with still some gas in it and you are not credit for. The supplier then only tops it up to the weight it must be.

Current Methods for reading gas level

  • Shake the cylinder furiously and try to estimate how much gas is left.
  • Bang on the side of the cylinder to establish where it sounds not to hollow which will then be an estimate of the gas level.
  • Put the cylinder on a scale ... and remember to subtract the dry weight of the empty cylinder, which is written on the cylinder itself.
  • Stick one of those thermal things against the side which more or less tells you the level of the liquid.
  • Buy a LPG Pressure/Level Gauge from Gas Brothers and stop guessing.

Order your gauge by clicking here.

The gauges with auto shut-off function is available for industrial cylinders (left hand thread) as well as leisure cylinders (right hand thread) which is used for camping and other leisure activities.