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Question & Answers about LP Gas and LPG accessories

Why do I need to rather use LP Gas equipment?

The very first consideration is that LPG as a source of energy is much more efficient than electricity, especially for heating and cooking. For example, after switching on the stove plate to cook food, the inefficiency of the electric stove plate causes the plate and and food to take a long time to warm up. Remember that you pay for electricity from you switch on the stove. Whereas with gas, the heat is immediately at your disposal.

I have heard that gas geysers are very economic. Is it true?

The single most important thing about a gas geyser, or gas water heater, as it is known in the industry, is that it does not store any water. This is why it is called a water heater and not geyser. Geysers store water. This means that that a geyser is set to keep the 150L or 200L water warm even though that you may have not even used a drop of warm water. Warm water that is not continually kept warm, cool down. The thermostat in the geyser senses that and switches on the geyser again. This is VERY inefficient and costly.

A LP Gas water heater heats up water on demand. NO hot water is stored ... hot water is used. Theoretically this means that you have limitless hot water. How many times had it happened that you ran out of hot water and had to wait again for the geyser to heat up the water!? This is especially true in winter.

What about solar geysers?

A solar geyser is a geyser, it has to heat up stored cold water.

There is no doubt that solar geysers are very efficient ... as long as there is sun.

Let's get practical ...

You are a family of 5 people. The sun was shining very nice through the day and the geyser is filled with hot water. Everyone arrives at home from 16:00 to 18:30. The kids take their baths and at 20:00 mom wants to take a bath. Now the water is lukewarm because there is no sun to heat up the water. If you have a solar geyser with an element, you will be ok within an hour or so. If you have a solar geyser without an element, you have to bath and shower in cold water.

What make a LP Gas water heater the ideal solution?

The long and short of it is that a gas water heater heats up water on demand and does not store hot water. A LP Gas water heater does not have a reservoir. This means that, in theory, as long as there is gas in the cylinder, you will never run out of hot water. In practise, this means that the kids can bath, each in their own bath of hot water, mom can soak in a bath of nice hot water and dad can have his shower after that. This means that no one had to wait for the old electrical geyser to heat up warm water.

With winter ahead, many families are going to deal with burst geysers. With a LP Gas water heater, you will not have that problem.

Will I save money by having gas appliances installed?

Yes! You will save.

The rule of thumb has it that your electrical geyser is responsible for at least 40% of your electricity bill. Add a gas hob to the equation and you can easily end up with a saving of up to 50-60%. Let’s say that your electricity bill is roughly R2 000.00 per month. On this R2 000.00 you save 60% which leave you with R800.00 per month.

The 1 brother of Gas Brothers, Bani, has a family of 4 and they have a LP Gas water heater. A 48L gas cylinder lasts them just a little more than 3 months. At the current price (April 2013) of ±R870.00 for a 48L LP Gas cylinder, it boils down to ±R300 per month for the gas.

This leaves you with a monthly saving of ±R900.00!

Will I get a return on investment?

Most definitely. Remember that at the current price of electricity @ ±R1.20 per kWh, you save ±R800.00 per month. Your LP Gas installation at present (April 2013) will cost ±R2 500.00, excluding the gas water heater. The gas water heaters range from R4 500.00 to R13 000.00 depending on the size and model of the water heater of your choice. Let’s say that your installation and appliance cost you R10 000.00. With a monthly saving of ±R800.00 it will take you less than 13 months to get a return on your investment. ESCOM accepts anything less than 36months as a return on investment, as worth the effort. In the light of this, 12 months are not to bad. But, you have the advantage of everytime hot water from day one.